Mobile Phone Security

10 easy tips to mobile phone security:

  1. Lock your device with a PIN or password and never leave it unattended in public.
  2. Uninstall apps you don’t use.
  3. ONLY download apps from trusted sources.
  4. Keep your phone’s operating system updated.
  5. Install antivirus software.
  6. Use your phone’s “find me” feature to prevent loss or theft.
  7. Cover the camera with a camera sticker when not in use.
  8. Back up your data.
  9. Encrypt the data if you have sensitive info stored on it.
  10. Don’t click on links or attachments from unsolicited e-mails or texts.

Bonus: Never connect your phone to public Wi-Fi – in fact, it may be better to leave your Wi-Fi off, so it doesn’t automatically connect to a network you don’t expect.