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About Us

One Bank. Three Locations

We have three locations in Arkansas. Our main bank is in Dumas, located in the Southeastern part of the state.  We have a branch in Bryant and a recently opened branch in downtown Benton, which both are centrally located.  We are a community bank serving our communities since 1909. While browsing with us, you’ll find our products and services help to meet the banking needs for today.  

Whether you’re new to banking, a long-time resident, or a business needing professional service, we hope
 you’ll consider banking with Merchants and Farmers Bank.
“Big Bank Products...Small Bank FRIENDLY”
Merchants and Farmers Bank, an Arkansas Bank chartered in 1909, is a subsidiary of M & F Financial Corporation located in Dumas, Arkansas.

As a community bank, Merchants and Farmers Bank is closely tied to the businesses, organizations, and people in the communities it serves. Merchants and Farmers Bank has been a key player in Dumas’ growth and development since 1909 . . .

  • By helping to finance the first schoolhouse in Dumas and continuing to participate in everyone since.
  • By helping to finance the first electric lights in Dumas.
  • By helping to finance the first hospital in Dumas.
  • By being instrumental in the formation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industrial Foundation of Dumas.
  • By helping to finance the first home-owned industries of Dumas.
Merchants and Farmers Bank’s strong commitment to community development continues Today. . .

  • By efforts to revitalize poor neighborhoods through investments for loans in cooperation with the Economic Community Development Program.
  • By ongoing work with Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Development, Transportation, Housing, Education and River Ports.
  • By offering financial support to the Main Street Dumas Program, the Dumas Airport and donations to over sixty area organizations.
Merchants and Farmers Bank steady commitment to the area farmers has been evident in the financial support it has offered and continues to offer the Agricultural Industry.

Merchants & Farmers Bank, with its strong leadership, has been able to withstand difficult economic times and continue to grow, to make profits for its shareholders, and to serve the financial needs of its customers.

  • The original bank building completed in 1913 was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982 and donated to the Chamber of Commerce of Dumas. The building today is home to the Dumas Chamber of Commerce. The Main Office of Merchants and Farmers Bank was completed in 1962 and is located on Waterman Street in Dumas. The building and grounds have been remodeled three times since the original construction to accommodate the need for space and new offices.
  • The branch Auto Bank located on Highway 65 was completed in 1972 and since that time has been remodeled twice offering customers the convenience and speed of drive-thru banking.
  • The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) located at the Highway 65 Branch Bank was installed in 1997 giving bank customers access to banking 24 hours a day.
  • A new main bank construction was completed and opened in February 2006 on Highway 65 South in Dumas. The new bank included over 12,000 sq. ft. of space offering all bank services. This location provides the latest in technology and bank services available to customers with 4 drive-thru teller lanes offering banking convenience 6 days a week. A second Automated Teller Machine (ATM) was opened on site giving customers 24-hour access to their money.
  • The downtown bank located at 130 W Waterman continued with all bank services including the bank’s bookkeeping and data processing departments. The lobby of the downtown bank closed in November 2007. The bookkeeping and data processing departments were moved to the new main bank location on highway 65 in May 2008.
  • The downtown bank continued operating drive-thru teller services, allowing customers access to their banking needs at the original downtown bank building and eventually discontinued it August 2019.
  • The branch auto bank and ATM on highway 65 was closed in August 2007 due to the opening of our new main bank location.
  • In 2011 the bank opened a loan office in Bryant, Arkansas to help serve the lending needs for individuals and businesses in Saline County.
  • On September 5, 2017, we opened our Bryant branch on the corner of Springhill Road & Hwy 5 North in Bryant, Arkansas.
  • On October 1, 2021, we opened our Benton branch in the downtown area on Main Street in Benton, Arkansas. 
Chairman of Board/Chief Executive Officer
L. Ashton Adcock
NMLS ID# - 619777

President / Chief Lending Officer
B. Page Gill
NMLS ID# - 1185994

Senior Vice President/ Trust Officer / Chief Financial Officer
Price E. Boney Jr

Senior Vice President/Chief Operations Officer
Calvin Puryear

Senior Vice President/Loan Officer
Russell A. Pruitt
NMLS ID# - 862762

Senior Vice President/System Administrator
Julia Speegle

Senior Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer
Josh Caldwell
NMLS# 797098

Vice President/Loan Officer
Scottie Grimes
NMLS ID# - 619331

Vice President/Operations
Lily Sessions

Vice President/Bryant & Benton Branch Manager
Tina Phillips

Vice President/Mortgage Loan Officer
Alice Curtis
NMLS ID# - 1713694

Vice President/Agri Loan Officer
Emily Roberts
NMLS ID# - 2070033

Vice President/Operations
Reba Kirtley

Vice President/Accounting Officer
Cindy Beatty

Vice President/Business Development Officer
David Vickers

Vice President/Loan Compliance Officer
Shalaunda Jones

Assistant Trust Officer
Karen Irons

Information Systems Officer
Moteet Bakeman

Loan Administration Officer
Brianna Turner

Board of Directors
L. Ashton Adcock
J. Michael Jones
B. Page Gill Brooks Gill
William W Shea John F. Freeman
James Hill Lance Penfield
Don Livingston

Advisory Board
Bruce Gasaway
L. Sue Frank
Assets Amount Thru December 31, 2023
Cash and Due from Approved Reserve Banks $4,790,883.53
United States Government and Agencies Securities $8,903,767.63
State and Public Subdivision Securities $8,998,181.17
Mark to Market Adjustment -$1,005,917.90
Other Investments $1,851,730.00
Federal Funds – Sold $9,300,000.00
Time Deposits Other Banks $1,488,000.00
Loans and Discounts $189,962,633.79
Building, Furniture, Fixtures, and Other Real Estate $6,226,946.39
Accrued Interest Receivable $1,619,771.63
Other Assets $7,506,131.84
Total $239,642,128.08

Liabilities Amount
Capital $400.00
Certified Surplus $10,499,600.00
Undivided Profits $14,958,011.01
Unrealized Gains or Losses -$794,675.14
Total Capital $24,663,335.87
Accrued Interest Payable $690,719.13
Reserves $2,406,700.38
Unearned Interest and Other Liabilities $11,200,159.42
Deposits $200,681,213.28
Total $239,642,128.08